How much does a good gaming PC cost?

Personal computers come with specific configurations. The configurations of the PC go a long way to determine how powerful the computer will be. People buy a computer based on their budget and the features they want on their computer. Prominent amongst such needs is being able to use it to play games

There are different categories of people that play games. Some are only interested in playing simple games that do not require very high computing power, there are the real gamers that love to play high-end games with very high-quality graphics at the fastest frame rate and those somewhere in between. Hence, the category of gamer you are will determine the quality of a gaming computer that you should find. On average, you should budget between 800 USD and 2,000 USD if you want to buy a gaming computer.

If you are looking to buy the most affordable gaming computer, then you should consider opting for a gaming computer that costs at least 800 USD. If, on the other hand, you want the most affordable option on the high-end, then you should consider budgeting 2,000 USD for the gaming computer. However, this does not mean that you can buy a laptop below 800 USD that you can use for gaming. There are also gaming computers that go for as high as 4,000 USD and are expected to provide the best gaming experiences.

Buying gaming computers versus building a gaming computer

When you want to buy a gaming computer, you have the option of buying a desktop or a laptop. You also have the option of buying a pre-built computer or building a gaming computer by yourself. These options are discussed subsequently

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Buying a desktop gaming computer

Buying a desktop gaming computer is a great option for an individual that wants to maintain a computer/gaming room and want to abide by that. The implication is that they have a part of their house where the desktop computer is installed. Anytime they want to play a game, they go to that location to play the game and when they don’t want to play a game or use their computer, they leave the room. There is now a new variant of all-in-one computers that are likely to phase out the desktop computer. They have all components, including those that are traditionally in the System Unit, built into the monitor. Whether you want to buy a desktop or laptop, you can read about OnBuy and other companies that sell gaming computers to know the right store to buy from.

Buying a laptop gaming computer

A laptop gaming computer offers more flexibility than its desktop component. You could easily move them to the room when you want to use them in the room. You can also take it out of the house to a friend’s house or your office when you wish.

Buying a pre-built gaming computer compared to building a computer of your own

You can opt for buying a prebuilt computer or building a computer of your own.

Buying a pre-built computer

If you don’t want to go through the stress of building a computer or don’t know, it could be best to buy a pre-built gaming computer. There are many reputable brands that you could choose from. You can read about various gaming computer brands and models on before knowing the one to choose from.

Building a gaming computer

If you have the know-how of building a computer or are particular about certain things such as budget and specific configurations for specific components, you can opt for building a gaming computer. It is believed that building a gaming computer is likely to be cheaper than buying a pre-built one with the same specifications. You can also choose the exact specification you want for each component, as opposed to pre-built that it might be difficult finding exactly every specification you want for each component in one computer.

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