Has the internet positively or negatively affected society?

Most of the people in the world agree that internet is a decisive technology of information, and it has come up with new features and advanced application that offers wide variety of services. Now, humankind is almost depended entirely on the internet technology. Institutions, companies and individual people feel the depth and use of this technological change, but the scope and speed of the transformation has changed the perception of people. Internet technology plays a vital important role in the life of humans to different level nowadays people are using the internet service for variety of purpose starting from waking up from bed to sleeping. The internet technology has created a new kind of revolution in business making the put reach to the public, development and to achieve the success.

According to the research study it is proved that internet technology has both positive and negative side where the negative side falls into the security and safety. Compared to the negative side the positive uses are found to be many things. After the development of the internet technology every business has been developing a lot and millions of individuals users are dependent onto the internet service for various purposes in their day-to-day life. The virtual life is appropriate more social than the real life, but it is a less a virtual realism than the real virtuality that facilitating the real-life job and urban living.

Pros of the internet technology in worldwide

  • Among people in developing and emerging nations who have the access to the internet service is found to be developing more with the standard services as almost every people in the county using the internet technology for their day-today usage.
  • Internet technology has made the life of people very easy, simple and most enjoyable one. In which the development of internet technology has reached to the smart devices home appliances now everything can be done with these smart devices.
  • The smart technology is a best example for the positive aspect and pros of having the internet technology also this technology has brought huge benefits and impact on to the society also for its development.
  • Starting from the business to education none of the development has been made possible without the internet technology. It paves out the way for learning new things, developing new products and services and many more.

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of services and application are relying on the internet where this in turn creates the impact onto the society making the public get in touch with other people even if there is a long distance. Internet has made the complicated task into the simple and easy so that each and every people are learning more things from each of the services without this technology nothing can be achieved. Also, people have adapted to this where there can be only development and advanced features and quality in the service of internet, and you cannot make the internet technology to fall off as it has stepped into your every field of business in the society.

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