You might be new in a town and you need to find the best stores to shop for food, clothes and other things that you need in your house.

Since you are new, you might feel shy to approach a neighbour, so you go online searching through reviews of different stores to choose the best from the rest. However, the reviews on the page of some businesses are looking too good to be true and you are damn sure that these reviews were not left by customers.

You might not be a newcomer in a town, but you are also like the newcomer that was described, you are looking for where to get the best service but you are looking for the best review sites to get honest reviews. Use these tips to help you find honest reviews online.

1.Pay little attention to reviews and ratings: Whether it is a 5-star or a 1-star, a sterling comment or a degrading remark, people are not usually sincere when they are leaving reviews online. Sometimes, they are sentimental, or they just want to do their best to contribute to the development of the business. More often than not, people are moved to leave comments when they are impressed by the product or service which they purchased, or when they are disappointed. Sometimes, ratings are even sponsored by a competitor to tarnish the image of the brand and discourage people from patronizing that brand. Alternatively, some brands also pay people to leave positive reviews on their sites or product page to boost sales. The first step to finding honest reviews is not to take the reviews at face value.

2.Check for repetition: When scrolling through reviews, check for repetition or use of similar words. When you find such, it means that people were hired to write the reviews in exchange for money. Some other people use reviews to get free products from a business.

3.Check if the reviews are genuine: When you are searching for honest reviews, read through the available reviews to check for the ones that sound like they were given under influence. You can first check the business’s page; some businesses offer people a free product if they can leave a positive remark. So, when you are reading reviews, read them like everyone was paid to leave good reviews. This will help you to quickly filter the honest reviews from the ones that were influenced by one thing or the other.

4.Consider the majority: As a business owner, it is almost impossible to please all your clients. No matter how hard you try, some clients will not be satisfied with your product or service, but it will not be all your clients. So, if a business has honest reviews, some of the reviews will be negative. When you are searching for honest reviews, do not let this discourage you. If you have a conviction that the other reviews are genuine, you can ignore the negative ones if they are much lesser than the positive ones.

5.Use trusted review sites: Other than checking for reviews on a business’s page, a great way to get honest reviews is to make use of trusted review sites like Yelp or Trustpilot. These sites are reputable and trusted by millions of people and will do anything to keep their reputations intact. They are specially programmed to find and delete fake reviews by placing each review against previous reviews to check if there are any repetitions.

Online reviews are one of the best ways to make your decision on whether to purchase a product or service and when the reviews are biased, it can cause people to make wrong decisions. Use these tips to find honest reviews before you patronize that business.

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